• Healthcare & Sports Sensing

  • It is expected that new life design innovation technologies can be built by utilizing information devices such as smartphones and small sensors. Research has been conducted on extending healthy life expectancy, preventing injuries and dementia in the elderly, and improving the competitiveness of athletes. Our research group is working on the development of ICT technology that contributes to the detection of heat stroke and the estimation of athletes' activities.

New Life Innovation Technology

Detection of Heatstroke

Due to recent global warming and frequent abnormal weather events in hot summer, the prevention and early detection of heatstroke have become major social concerns. The symptoms of heatstroke can prevent onset and alleviate the symptoms by supplementing with sufficient moisture (0.2% saline), preventing the weight loss within 2% and preventing the rise in the core body temperature. The core body temperature is the temperature in the deep part of the body, which is not easily influenced by the external environment unlike the ordinary body temperature measured in the axilla and oral cavity. It needs to be measured by inserting a measuring instrument in the ear or rectum and measuring the temperature of the eardrum and the rectal temperature. In general, it is difficult to easily measure the core body temperature and its changes while performing sports.

In this study, we have constructed a “Human Thermal Model" that formulates heat production and heat transfer in the body. By analyzing the vital data measured using heart rate sensor and body surface temperature sensor and the environmental sensing information (solar radiation, wind speed, temperature, and so on), we estimate the values ​​of unknown parameters (heat transfer amount from clothes, blood flow rate, perspiration reaction rate, and so on) of this human thermal model with high accuracy, and design and develop a method to estimate the core body temperature and its temporal change as accurately as possible.

Health Supports for Elderly People

"Healthy life expectancy" is a period in which we can live healthily in our lifetime, which corresponds to the survival period that does not interfere with everyday life. For this reason, the difference between the average life expectancy and the healthy life expectancy is the survival period in the state requiring long-term care, and in Japan where the aging of the population is

progressing, it is required to increase the proportion of elderly who are energetic and strong and to make this period as short as possible. In our research group, we are conducting research on systems that realize the health monitoring and heatstroke detection of middle-aged and elderly households. Our aim is to extend healthy life expectancy by linking smartphones and multiple sensors installed in the home.

Mobile Sensing Technologies for Sports Athletes

In recent years, a large number of video analysis technologies for sports athletes and
sensing techniques for their vital information / momentum have been developed. By using big data analysis techniques such as deep learning and data mining techniques, It is becoming possible to estimate the activity situations of sports athletes in the real time. Our research group has been conducting research aiming at the creation of technology to measure and quantify in real time the state of activities of multiple athletes in group games and the state of cooperation among athletes.

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