Hirozumi Yamaguchi

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News (last updated in June 2016)

  • Mobiquitous 2016 in Hiroshima, Japan, Nov. 2016 (paper due is approaching: June 27th). Please consider to submit your excellent work!
  • IFoT 2016 workshop in conjunction with Mobiquitous 2016. Please consider to submit your IoT papers! (paper due Aug. 8)
  • ICDCS 2016 in Nara, Japan, June 2016

Recent Topics (Mobile and Pervasive Compunig Issues)

  • Crowd Sensing and Smart City Applications
  • Human Tracking and Indoor Localization
  • Smart Home & Smart Buidling
  • V2X Communications and Applications
  • Wi-Fi and Wireless Resource Management
  • IoT Sensor Data Management and Aggregation
  • Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks
  • and more..

Breif Bio

Hirozumi Yamaguchi received the B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in information and computer science from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. He is currently an Associate Professor at Osaka University. He has been working in mobile and pervasive computing and networking research areas and has published papers in IEEE and ACM premier conferences such as ICNP, ICDCS, PerCom, IWQoS, SECON, ACM Ubicomp/ISWC/Pervasive and MSWiM and top-quality journals such as IEEE TMC, Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Ad-hoc Networks, Computer Networks, Computer Communications, Performance Evaluation, Springer Distributed Computing and Wireless Networks. He has served on several conferences such as ICNP, ICDCS, EAI Mobiquitous as organizing committee members and many conferences as technical committee members.
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