1997 Journals

  1. Akira Kitajima, Keiichi Yasumoto, Teruo Higashino and Kenichi Taniguchi:
    Method to Convert Concurrent EFSMs with Multi-Rendezvous into Synchronous Sequential Circuit
    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals, Vol.E81-A, No.4, pp.566-575 (Apr. 1998).
  2. 水野 健太郎, 中田 明夫, 岡野 浩三, 東野 輝夫, 谷口 健一:
    情報処理学会論文誌, Vol. 39, No.3, pp.750-759 (Mar. 1998).
  3. 山口 弘純, 岡野 浩三, 東野 輝夫, 谷口 健一:
    情報処理学会論文誌, Vol. 39, No.3, pp.769-778 (Mar. 1998).
  4. 安本 慶一, 後藤 和裕, 東野 輝夫, 松浦 敏雄, 谷口 健一:
    情報処理学会論文誌 39(2) 283-292 1998年
  5. 松石 航也, 服部 哲, 岡野 浩三, 東野 輝夫, 谷口 健一:
    電子情報通信学会論文誌(D-I), Vol.J81-D-I, No.1, pp.28-37 (Jan. 1998).
  6. 森岡 澄夫, 柴田 直樹, 東野 輝夫, 谷口 健一:
    情報処理学会論文誌, Vol. 38, No.12, pp.2419-2426 (Dec. 1997).
  7. 山口 弘純, 岡野 浩三, 東野 輝夫, 谷口 健一:
    電子情報通信学会論文誌(A), Vol.J80-A, No.7, pp.1064-1072 (Jul. 1997).
  8. Christian Kant, Teruo Higashino and Gregor von Bochmann:
    Deriving Protocol Specifications from Service Specifications Written in LOTOS
    Distributed Computing, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp.29-47 (Jun. 1997).

1997 International Conferences

  1. Takashi Takenaka, Junji Kitamichi, Teruo Higashino and Kenichi Taniguchi:
    Formal Design Verification for Correctness of Pipelined Microprocessors with Out-of-order Instruction Execution
    Proceedings of 1998 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC '98), pp.177-180 (Jan. 1999).
  2. Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Kozo Okano, Teruo Higashino and Kenichi Taniguchi:
    Protocol Synthesis from Time Petri Net Based Service Specifications
    1997 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS'97), pp.236-243 (Dec. 1997).
  3. Keiichi Yasumoto, Kazuhiro Gotoh, Hiroki Tatsumoto, Teruo Higashino and Kenichi Taniguchi:
    Implementation of Distributed Systems described with LOTOS Multi-rendezvous on Bus Topology Networks
    Proceedings of Joint International Conference on 10th Formal Description Techniques and 17th Protocol Specification, Testing, and Verification (FORTE/PSTV'97), pp.161-176 (Nov. 1997).
  4. Atsushi Fukada, Tadashi Kaji, Teruo Higashino, Kenichi Taniguchi and Masaaki Mori:
    A Conformance Testing for Communication Protocols Modeled as A Set of DFSMs with Common Inputs
    Proceedings of the Tenth IFIP Workshop on Testing of Communicating Systems(IWTCS'97), pp. 239-254 (Sep. 1997).

1997 Domestic Conferences

1997 Invited Talks

1997 Edited Books

  1. Edited by T. Mizuno, N. Shiratori, T. Higashino and A. Togashi:
    Formal Description Techniques - FORTE/PSTV'97 -
    Chapman & Hall (Nov. 1997).

1997 Others

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