Higashino Lab. | Moblie Computing Laboratory

In our laboratory, we are studying about algorithms, software and design methodologies concerning with mobile/ubiquitous computing systems such as localization/behavior estimation of smartphones/mobile devices, design and development of context aware services, ITS (inter-vehicle communication), advanced sensing systems, IT technology for disaster mitigation and green innovation, and so on. We aim at developing new technologies for constructing affluent and high-reliable ubiquitous society.

Mobile Sensing

We estimate various contexts from people crowds in urban cities to human internal states (e.g. core body temperature) by multi-modal sensor fusion and analysis using integration of mobile sensors and infrastructure such as smartphones, wearable sensors, WiFi and Laser Range Scanners.


Mobility analysis / Modering

Recent vehicles are becoming smarter with various sensors and cloud. Floating car data, which contains vehicle information such as locations and speeds, is the key for understanding traffic conditions and modeling mobility patterns. We also utilize smartphones as human probe data for mobility modeling.


Smart Home

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and Home Energy Management System (HEMS) are key technologies using various sensors for our future society that is more energy efficient, safer, healthier and happier. We work on human behavior estimation from privacy preserving sensors such as infrared human detectors. Based on the estimated behavior, we also try to achieve behavior recommendation that is acceptable for residents.



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