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ITS activities and development are pervasive worldwide. Our technical commitee has the following 2 editors to provide us up-to-date news and information on ITS happenning around the world:

  1. Prof. Juan Carlos Cano, Technical University of Valencia, SPAIN (ITS News Editor, Europe)
  2. Dr. Takaaki Umedu, Osaka University, JAPAN (ITS News Editor, Asia)"

ITS News & Useful Information from USA

US Department of Transportation - Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS)

With permission from DoT ITS Joint Program Office, the following useful web links are provided:

  1. Overview : Intelligent Transportation Systems Benefits, Costs, Deployment, and Lessons Learned Desk Reference: 2011 Update
  2. News and Information / ITS in the News
  3. Research and Projects
  4. National ITS Architecture
  5. ITS Standards
  6. Telecommunications in ITS

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services in Europe

"Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Services - is the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users. By sharing vital information to allow people to get more from transport networks, in greater safety and with less impact on the environment"

European Commission for Information Society and Media

About the Information Society EU Commission

IN EUROPE – There have been a lot of integrated projects dealing with Intelligent Transport Systems funded by the European Commission under the EU IST 6th Framework (FP6) (2002-2006), and the EU 7th Framework (FP7) that extents the program further till 2013, i.e.,: AIDE, AWAKE, CarTALK 2000, COM2REACT, COMUNICAR, CVIS, CyberCars2, eIMPACT, E-MERGE, eSafety Support, GST, HIGHWAY , PREeVENT SAFESPOT, SEISS , SEVECOM, TRACE, or WATCH-OVER.

Information about all projects mentioned above can be found on the following web site: http://cordis.europa.eu/ist/projects/projects.htm

Currently, the i2010 is the EU policy framework for the information society and media. It promotes the positive contribution that information and communication technologies (ICT) can make to the economy, society and personal quality of life.

Launched by the European Commission for Information Society and Media, and implemented partly by the European Commission and EU-funded programmes, and partly by the Member States, i2010 presents a package of proactive policies to harness the potential of digital technologies to drive innovation across the European economy and society.

One of the key proposals under i2010 is a series of flagship initiatives in areas impacting on quality of life. The Intelligent Car Initiative is one of these i2010 flagship initiatives.

The i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative: Bringing it all together

The Intelligent Car Initiative aims to improve coordination between all road transport stakeholders, principally car manufacturers, road operators, telecom companies and transport service providers. Through coordination efforts, a mutually agreed approach to and implementation of activities leading to smarter, safer and greener road traffic is being sought.

Intelligent Car
  • Smarter: Improve efficiency and safety.
  • Cleaner: Contributing to reduce pollution emissions.
  • Safer: Prevent and mitigate the impact of accidents.
Intelligent Car Initiative communication

ESafety Communication: technologies for safer transport

The eSafety Working Group, under the Information Society EU Commission, is working for a quicker development and increased use of smart road safety and eco-driving technologies. The eSafety Forum is a joint platform involving all the road safety stakeholders which look for and support the promotion and implementation of the recommendations identified by the eSafety Working Group.

eSafety technologies
  • Smart Road Safety: Reducing road victims using Smart Cars technologies
  • Eco Driving: Reducing road traffic's energy consumption and CO2 exhausts

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ERTICO – ITS Europe was founded at the initiative of leading members of the European Commission, Ministries of Transport and the European Industry. Currently ERTICO - ITS Europe represents the interests and expertise of around 100 Partners involved in providing Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). It facilitates the safe, secure, clean, efficient and comfortable mobility of people and goods in Europe through the widespread deployment of ITS.

ERTICO Activities

ERTICO activities bring intelligence into mobility, working together in public private partnership towards zero accidents, zero delays, reduced impact on the environment, and fully informed people. ERTICO Partners work together in the following strategical activities:

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ITS activities and organizations in Japan

Road Bureau, Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


Road Bureau, Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is the bureau in Japanese government that decide on a policy in ITS area. News topics and links to many public organizations in ITS area can be found on ITS Homepage of Road Bureau.

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ITS Japan


ITS Japan is a not-for profit organization. It is founded for promoting ITS R&D and arranging cooperation among researchers and the other persons concerned in the ITS area, supporting ITS-related standardization and so on.


  • Yearly ITS Symposium (in Japanese)
  • International Journal of ITS Research
  • Organizing ITS World Congress with ITS America and ERTICO(ITS EUROPE)
  • Research and present the world latest ITS technical trends for Japanese

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